Fear grow for make up slave
Concerns Over Working Conditions At L'Oreal Paris

Fears are growing for over-worked make up slave Rachel Weisz's after L'Oreal's latest TV advertisement featured the multimillionaire's heartbreaking claims that she constantly finds herself having to do as many as 'ten things at once'. The worrying assertion were backed up by footage in the commercial where Weisz can be seen toiling under a deluge of demanding tasks at the L'Oreal factory. Harrowing chores include; whistling for a taxi, closing a door, sitting in a car and also reading words on a piece of paper. 

With such a gruelling schedule industry insiders are unsurprised that she has to use so much make up. After so much frenetic door closing and general hanging about specialists predict she looks like a withered old hag without half a pound of foundation. 

Plans to liberate the fading make up slave were put on hold by her husband yesterday who complained that he was having 'difficulty' affording to pay the double cappuccino ransom set by her L'Oreal kidnappers.

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    12 Jan 2012 - Uploaded by LOrealParisPH
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