UK transgenderists: Three men go to a pub 'highly offensive' 
Transgender Lobby Outlaw 'Three Men Go Into A Pub' Joke

The classic 'three men go into a pub' joke, once the preserve of all UK stand-up comedians, is to become a hate crime under new legislation passed by the government. The new laws come after a sexual discrimination watchdog, set up to monitor 'Anti-trans' crime, received over fifteen hundred complaints from UK transgenderists.

Mr and Mrs Priscilla Jackson, representing D.R.A.G. (Dramatic. Reactions. About. Gender.) coughed, 'The assumption that all three persons entering the pub would be wished to call themselves men is highly offensive to the billions of transgender persons like me in this country and around the world. Recent statistics suggest, beyond any shadow of doubt, that well over 45% of all male persons in society might rather be described as having trans or fluid sexuality meaning that, at least, one of the characters in this reprehensible joke would have to be transgender were it not to cause offence. We feel this type of oppressive humour is yet another indication of outmoded society's historic dogmatic obsession with transgenderism and that is why I spent over £1500 on phone calls last month ringing up the sexual discrimination watchdog helpline to complain about it.'

Lez Dez (83), former large-collared 70's stand up comedian, sighed into his pint of stout, "Will I go to prison if I say things used to be simpler? So let's get this straight - and that's not a joke - now I have to say 'an Englishman, an Irish man and a Scot, who was therefore, as statistics suggest, more than likely to have been a transgender person, go into a pub. You try telling that gag in a working men's club in Dundee. Anyway, by the time the complicated bastards in this new joke get to the pub after sorting out all their transgender based issues, it would have been turned into a bloody McDonald's."

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