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Draghi; Luckily debt meteor will strike Spanish mainland
European Central Bank Predicts 'Debt Meteor' To Hit EU

The European Central Bank (ECB) has predicted a colossal 'debt meteor' will strike the EU early in 2015 costing every man woman and child in the zone 10 000 euros each. ECB CEO Mario Draghi, current holder of the world record for the central banker with eyes most like a tray full of marbles on a roller-coaster seat, grinned, 'Luckily the debt meteor will hit the Spanish mainland where everyone is poor already and none of my incredibly wealthy friends live. After making landfall the meteorite, which is the size of Lichtenstein, where all my incredibly wealthy friends do live, will be broken up into small pieces and sold to all EU citizens.'

Brian Stalwart, Professor of Astronomy and Economics at Durham university, said, 'What is this bloody idiot talking about?' and was immediately informed by ECB officials that he would personally be receiving an extra large piece of the debt meteor costing 60 000 euros.

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