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Man Locked In Waterstones' Dungeon To Read Game Of Throwns 4 Escapes Alive

Waterstones reading dungeon; 'Vile Torture'
Last night David Willis a US tourist escaped from a dungeon in Waterstones on Trafalgar Square where he had been held captive by staff and forced to read the fourth and most boring edition of 'Game of Throwns.' It is thought poor sales and the fact that nobody had actually finished the book compelled employees to commit the vile torture and that Willis, who escaped by using his copy of the novel to bludgeon his guards to death, was lucky to escape with his life.

The terrified tourist ran straight to the nearest branch of Costa Coffee and gasped, 'I only went in there last Friday for a large Mocha but when I asked for a smiley face in it everything went black and I woke up in the dungeon with the book on a table in front of me. It was obvious what they wanted me to do. Christ! The first one was bad enough and I couldn't finish that. I lied like everyone else that I had read it and just watched the TV series instead. But the fourth one OMG! It nearly bored me to death. Now I just want to go home.'

It is believed the producers of 'Game of Throwns' are considering turning MR Willis's extraordinary adventures into a five-part TV series starring Bruce Willis as the mild-mannered book fan who has to break out of a bewildering series of bookshop dungeons, using a selection of books as weapons, to overcome an evermore complicatedly named array of staff members. 'Game of Books I 'Slow Beginnings' will be coming out next autumn.

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