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Infuriating Norman dies in 'obvious suicide'
Fireman Sam's Infuriating Norman Price Dies In 'Obvious Suicide' As Show's Star Takes Early Retirement

The Infuriatingly accident-prone, ginger idiot Norman Price from BBC's Children's TV program 'Fireman Sam' has died in a freak incident outside his family home in Pontypandy moments before the Welsh star of the show himself took early retirement. A burning fire engine is thought to have fallen on the clumsy 10 year old ginge puppet yesterday in a case which the local fire brigade are calling 'obvious suicide.' 

On his way to a surfing holiday on an old set from Captain Scarlet, Fireman Sam chuckled,'Well, he always was a clumsy little pri... precocious scamp. I suppose it was just a matter of time really before we... I mean he had a nasty accident like this suicide. Really, in the end it was only his constant fuc... messing about that kept a lot of us at the station. With him finally gone and, me getting on a bit, it just seemed like the right time to quit the show.'

Sam: Right time to quit the show

Norman's mother Dylis, who witnessed the suicide herself laughed from the bar next to her grocery shop,' Thank fuck for that! Even though he was my own puppet son he was so annoyingly accident prone that I had considered killing him thousands of times myself.'

Fire man Sam is thought to have been offered the role of Frankie Detori in a film about the Jockey's life but when asked about his future plans the Welsh children's TV star said, 'I just need a year away from that little cu... that little cute ginger kid before I make my mind up.'

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