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Cluedo 'Outdated' New Jewdo game will 'Scare the crap out of you'
ADL 'Outrage' As Waddingtons Release New 'Jewdo' Board Game

Waddingtons, the UK board games manufacturer, has come under fire from Jewish groups after releasing a new detective board game in the build up for Christmas called 'Jewdo.' The new game is a reworking of the old Cluedo idea, now thought to be outdated, with the house being replaced with a map of the world and the aim being to work out which high-powered Jew had caused the murderous genocide in which region. Possible outcomes include: Baron Rothschild in the palace of Versailles with the Paris 'Peace' Treaty, Henry Kissinger in Vietnam with the Agent Orange and Larry Silverstein in Building 7 with the Nano Thermite etc etc etc.

The ADL, the US Jewish Anti-Defamation League, is reported to be 'outraged' by the new game and urged shoppers to keep buying Monopoly as it encouraged players, as young as seven, to turn their friends into debt slaves. A practice wholeheartedly backed by the Jewish establishment, especially if the child's opponents were little gentile (non Jewish) boys and girls.

Karl Brough Scott, creative director at Waddingtons, said, 'Nobody buys board games anymore. Let's face it, they're all shite. Only a tit head would rather have Cluedo than a PlayStation. That's why we went for this new edgy feel. It's brilliant. Because it's true it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you think of all those dead people and say 'Paul Warburg in the Atlantic with the Lusitania' or 'Bernard Baruch in Wall Street in with the 1929 stock market crash.' It certainly scared the crap out of me and makes Grand Theft Auto, with all that killing, raping and kidnapping, look like Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and David Attenborough playing dominoes at a UNICEF fundraiser.'

Shoppers eager to buy Jewdo, RRP £24.99p, will have to get their skates on as the UK government have promised the ADL that it will be banned before Christmas under new anti-Semitic laws penned by international Jewish concerns. Tory spokesmen, Rabbi Ernie Weissman, keen to point out the British government was not at the whim of international Jewish interests, announced 'This shameful incident shouldn't stop any UK citizen from having a happy Hanukkah.'

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