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Statistical Anomalies Haunt Top Job Government Bullingdon Club Members.

Statisticians working with a new super computer at Norwich University have calculated the odds against three members from the same privileged public school club appearing in the three most powerful political jobs in a truly meritocratic country is a staggering 1,003.9 billion to one. In another extraordinary and embarrassing 'coincidence' for the government this astronomical number, just over a trillion, is exactly the official national debt figure for the 24th January 2012 as released by the treasury today and reported by the Independent Newspaper.

PM David Cameron, Chancellor George Osbourne and Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who all attended the socially exclusive Bullingdon Club at Oxford in the 80s, were not available for comment but a PR spokesman representing the 'dream team' explained,'This figure produced by our friends at Norwich University is obviously a statistical anomaly. Everyone knows that statistics can be used to prove anything. If all the information like this were true it would suggest the entire government was created on the basis of traditional bloodlines, nepotism, jobs for the boys and full of the same privileged hob nobbers who had always been running the country. Which is certainly not the case.'