Satirists redundancy threats
Comedians Warn Increasing Government Competition May Create Redundancies

Comedians are warning overwhelming competition from politicians determined to humiliate themselves in ever more imaginative ways may put large numbers of funny men out of work. 

Concerns were first aired by comedians in the 80's about high levels of MP absurdity and since that time the situation has been steadily deteriorating with several politician's behaviour now becoming so ridiculous it is impossible to invent something funnier. 
A spokesman for the Union of Talented Artists, Comedians & Personnel In Satire; U.T.A.C.P.I.S. explained, 'We simply can't keep up with MPs. As soon as our members think they've got an angle on the expense scandal, it's lobbyists gaffs or the promotion of 'social mobility' when they all come from the same public school or they bang on about 'ethical capitalism' then refuse to give up control of their pay. You couldn't make this stuff up! It's simply better than anything we've got.'

Plans to relieve political comedians by removing certain laughable MPs from their posts and placing them directly in media jobs where their manifestos could be used to create humorous spoof news stories were slammed by U.T.A.C.P.I.S. officials who argued, 'it would just make things worse you idiots! Don't you understand anything?'