BP Offer RAF Dessert Mission Sponsorship Deal

New RAF logo with suit desert conditions
Deadly Sales

BP has offered the Royal Air force a significant sponsorship deal if a NATO no fly zone is put in place over Syria. The deal would include huge financial backing for the struggling department of Her Magesty's armed forces and, as a representative of the British petroleum company pointed out, 'Would get the bloody job done once and for all!'

The deal would also mean replacing old RAF insignia with new green and yellow BP logos for all the planes involved with the dessert mission. The re-branding move is expected to bring about a significant reduction in the number of aircraft shot down during the operation as the 'target' badges on English war planes have always historically been considered the Achilles heal in their design methodology.

Air Admiral William Forbes Grangemouth, liaison for British business and military cooperation explained, 'Its about time the English people properly understood the relationship between our nation's commercial interests and our military manouvers. This re-branding exercise will go a long way to making that all important link for the employees of this proud nation or company, if you will.'

Similar military re-branding initiatives presently being considered include placing BAE advertising on the side of tanks and other army vehicles. Also logos for the fronts of helmets and bullets are being earmarked for future development.

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