Pressure Grows on Bercows To Admit 'Media Race'

Bercow family 'media race' is on.
Media Slurp

After continuing press speculation pressure is growing on Sally Bercow to admit to her involvement in a 'media race' with her estranged husband. The professional personality, celebrity, reality TV star, journalist, talking head, charity spokeswoman and would-be TV presenter was unable to comment on the allegations due to her relentless schedule of commitments at Channel Five. Insiders have 'blamed' the competition with her husband for the recent cooling of her relationship.

It is believed that the contest began around New Year's Eve 2006 when; after being slightly upset by a rude remark her husband made regarding her cooking, Mrs Bercow retaliated by boastfully claiming she could have a better media profile than him in six years if she tried. Incensed by this taunt, the speaker of the house drunkenly bet her the keys to their beautiful home overlooking Westminster on the fact that his wife was mistaken and things have been hotting up ever since.

Insiders estimate the race is set to finish 31st December this year with odds on Mrs Bercow of 6:1 to win but then her husband is only on television for five hours a day on the BBC's coverage of the house of commons so his wife easily has the upper hand with her constant appearances on the rest of the terrestrial channels.