Anthropologists Closer To Proving Link Between Stupidity And Noel Edmonds

'Edmonds' proving link between himself and stupidity.
A group of anthropologists working at Grimsby University have claimed that the religious systems of a civilisation that failed to invent written language or the printing press might bear striking similarities to Deal or No Deal. The church of this dystopia society would worship money, the priesthood would preach irrationalism and judgement from God would be replaced by an unseen man giving out prizes. 

The revealing claim was made by an independent nationwide sociological review unit where staff comb hours of daytime television footage producing their findings on the internet. Micheal Speakmouth working for the unit claims, 'Without literature to educate the people there is every chance that a lot more of us would have evolved like the studio audience of Noel Edmonds show'.

The starling revelations are interesting for several reasons not least that they could prove the long suspected link between stupidity and Noel Edmonds. Mr Speakmouth added, 'In this hypothetical society instead of a red box, similar to those on the show, humans might have used sea shells or the eggs of large birds'.

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