When Paddy Met Sally


By The Stuffing-it-to-'em's Scathing Plebrity TV Columnist: Terri Shearhan

Media Whore Bercow with Gypo Boyfriend
Watching 'When Paddy Met Sally', Channel Five's latest reality show in which infamous media-whore, and wife of the speaker of the house, Sally Bercow is forced to live with her old boyfriend; a primitive, Irish gypsy and his six grand children in a caravan on a travellers site, was, perhaps unsurprisingly, as exciting as watching someone else's paint dry. 

However, the hour long program did provide one highlight. The moment we see Bercow entering the grim caravan site as the worriedly glances around and bleats, 'Is this it?' was TV gold.

One cannot help but imagine what new reality tripe the executives at Channel five are going to stuff down their end of the pipeline next? Sally Bercow locked in a shed for two months with her old geography teacher and his two adopted kids who are alcoholics? No wait, crack heads. You won't have to wait long for the sparks fly. At least this inane televisual offal kept her off the streets for two weeks. For this alone two stars.