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Gelder; in two minds about infidelity
Woman Marries Herself Then Seeks Divorce Claiming Irreconcilable Differences And Infidelity

Grace Gelder the UK's first woman to marry herself has filed for divorce claiming irreconcilable differences and infidelity as the reasons. It is thought that cracks in the relationship started last weekend when Gelder allegedly asked a local man if he would be interested in having a threesome with her and her wife.

Six years of maddening loneliness forced Mrs Gelder to marry herself but now the romance has been ruined with the honeymoon only weeks old and her heartbroken wife claiming, 'We obviously don't want the same thing anymore.'

The local man is said to be confused at his part in the affair and commented, 'Bollocks! I thought I was up for a 'menage a trois' but then when I realised Glender was actually two women (her and her wife) I just didn't know where to put myself. If you see what I mean? She's obviously totally mental!'

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