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Built 9/11 1941; attacked 9/11 2001; in charge  9/11 2007
Pentagon: 'Entire World's Population Will Be Terror Suspects By 2017'

US Pentagon officials have calculated that the entire world's population will be terror suspects by early 2017. Whilst bad news for Earth's 7.2 billion citizen's this is excellent news for the considerably smaller handful of US military bosses who have been looking for a convenient excuse to record everything everyone does everywhere, every minute of everyday, ever since the Pentagon's first brick was laid sixty four years ago on 11th September 1941.

Five Star General Ford Pontiac exclaimed, "Yeehaa! That sure is right. God Damn it! When work building the Pentagon began on 9/11 1941 only the craziest military industrial complex nut would have thought we would have been in this unrivaled counter intelligence position less than seventy years later. Good ol' Georgie Bush first announced the New World Order in 1991, strangely on the same day: 9/11, of course we all know what happened ten years after when his son was in charge, and then Microsoft signed up to Operation Prism, also coincidentally on September 11th 2007, meaning we we were already treating most of the world's population like terrorists way back then. Now, after constantly bombing the crap out of every beard-wearing country in the intervening time, and so enraging everyone else that was left, we feel  that, with a high degree of certainty, the entire world's population will be terror suspects by 2017. Earth's citizen's should remember that there will be one notable exception to this rule; i..e that Pentagon staff will not be terror suspects which is slightly ironic as we were the bunch of violent psychopathic fuckstains that started it all in the first place."

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