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New Scottish Shariah Flag would have caused bombing.
MI5 Reveal Secret 'Jock and Awe' Plan To Bomb Scotland After Successful 'Yes' Vote

A top ranking Colonel in MI5 has admitted the existence of a plan to bomb Scotland had a 'Yes' vote for independence been successful. In the operation known chillingly as 'Jock and Awe,' counter intelligence sources would have been fed English press false information claiming Alex Salmond was being controlled by Islamic fundamentalists hell bent on turning Scotland into a Shariah state opposed to English rule. Driven by fear the and the thought of nationwide ritual beheadings the UK public would have demanded David Cameron mount a strategic bombing campaign on the new barbaric terrorist Scottish state until a 'No' vote was democratically forced upon them.

Colonel John H. Tunnel Oldspice,  head of MI5's secret wars department,  laughed, 'Well no one who reads the alternative press is ever taken seriously so I might as well tell you. Yes, it's all true. Ha, ha. We were going to bomb the bloody porridge wogs to kingdom come. So what? Good riddance as far as I'm concerned. I wished they had of voted yes so we could have had bombed the bastards. Luckily for them our dirty tricks program of media manipulation, fear mongering and vote rigging saved the little buggers.'

Other dirty tricks listed in the black op were use the the tightly knit network of Scottish off licences to spread rumours throughout the entire Scottish population that Alex Salmond (or Allah Salladdin as he was to be known after become leader) was planning to ban alcohol and force all women to wear sporrans over their face's and change the national flag (pictured above) in a frightening version of Gaelic Islam or 'Gaeslam.' If the first wave of UK bombing did not overthrow their fanatical regime then it is though that the Scots, threatened by this takeover of their country and the destruction of their alcoholic traditions, and also being bombed, would have quickly risen up deposing Salmond or Salladdin allowing the UK government to seize back control of their weaken country.

Unsurprisingly no probe, report, inquiry or any other governmental or press interest or mainstream news whatsoever, at all, in any way, shape or form is scheduled to take place into operation 'Jock and Awe'.

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