Micheal Eavis showing width of new 'Bubble Dome.'
Eavis Plans Fully Roofed Festival By 2015

Micheal Eavis, proprietor of Glastonbury festival, plans to turn his popular midsummer party into a fully roofed event by 2015. It is suspected that a canopy covering the site called the ‘Bubble Dome’ will be made out of the tents left by the thousands of lazy slobs who discard their belongings across the farm each year. A door in the canopy much like Wimbledon and the Millennium stadium will be opened when the sun comes out over the whole festival weekend which is forecast to happen sometime halfway through the next century. The festival’s hoards of bin painters will create a picture of a beautiful summer’s day on the inside of the canopy with such incredible skill and accuracy that campers will be deceived into thinking the weather is fine. Although when we spoke to a man earlier at the festival‘s site office he mumbled through a sock over his mouth that the management are having ‘dripping’ concerns.

It is thought the improvements are the result of growing pressure from festival staff and visitors alike who, especially after the wet years, logically concluded they had displeased God in some terrible way and being so anxious for it to stop raining had at times even threatened to sacrifice one of the farm’s cows in a desperate effort to appease their wrathful creator.

Planning for the state of the art ‘Bubble Dome’ probably doesn't continue with any speed.

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