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Tory MP's Reject 'Out Of Touch With UK Public' Claim After Bizarre River Thames Meeting.

Conservative MP's at Thames river 'meeting' yesterday.

These were the bizarre scenes yesterday near
Chelsea bridge when 25 Conservative MP's held a government meeting while swimming in the river Thames dressed in mankinis and top hats. After claims were made that this is another example of the Tories being out of touch with the UK public Nigel Hathaway (left), minister for parliamentary standards, replied, "Nonsense! My handpicked team and I were simply researching the possibility of filling the Thames with champagne every Monday so we could drink while we were at work. Obviously this would mean having to ban the poor from using the river as they would no doubt try to steal our bubbly."

The Government's extremely expensive complaints hotline (which the government have found so lucrative) was jammed with callers yesterday complaining about the bizarre meeting. David Cameron is thought to be giving Hathaway's team the go ahead and will announce tomorrow that the public will have to foot the bill for £2.2 million pounds worth of champagne, mankinis and top hats. When the PM was asked about his view on the meeting he answered, "My colleagues were simply exercising their God given right to do exactly as they please- at your expense."

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