Rebekkah Brookes Denies Knowledge Of Stolen Police Horse


Rebecca Brooks Denies Stealing Police Horse

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COMMENTARY | To an equestrian, hacking refers to casual horseback riding. But to Great Britain's Rebecca Brooks, saddled with controversy in the Horsegate ...

Brookes, 'Horse? What me?'
Rebecca Brooks, ex-News of The World CEO and international lying ginge, has denied stealing a metropolitan police horse that was found in her barn. The Evening Standard first started rumours of rustling but Mrs Brooks was quick to defend herself speaking through her hand earlier she said,  'I just found it there. Perhaps it smelt my other horses and came to make friends. Really, I'm as surprised as everyone else. I have no idea whatsoever how it got there.'
Realising no one in the country was still prepared to believe his liarholic wife, husband Charlie Brooks, famous rustler from Chipping Norton and friend of PM David Cameron, said, 'the idea my wife would lie is preposterous. What has happened to this country that people would rather believe a newspaper than a member of the public? Its disgraceful. Obviously, this animal has blindly wandered from the Met's stables in central London to our ranch 58 miles away in Oxfordshire. Police horses are bred to be strong, resourceful and how to understand traffic lights so we are sure that Trigger will be able to find his own way back again. Though if he does not he is probably dead and definitely not here anymore.'
David Cameron; fellow ranch owner, neighbour, friend, business acquaintance, drinking buddy and riding companion of the Brooks', said, 'just because Rebecca has had this horse found in her barn and she is married to Charlie, who is a rustler, doesn't necessarily mean they steal horses. I think that as long as you bear that in mind then you should come to the same conclusion as I do about the matter.'
Other close friends of the Brooks' the Police were keen to join with pleas of innocents claiming, 'Trigger is a very naughty boy has run away before, as do about twelve old police horses a year. Luckily  they always run away to the barns of people who are intrinsically linked to the police in some way. We are sure that this is just a coincidence and because of this we will not be pressing charges but we will feed Trigger rotten carrots for a week as a punishment.'

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