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Motorists Call For Removal of Roadside Distractions Claiming They Are Dangerous

Memorials a 'distraction'

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Should roadside memorials be cleared away after 30 days or simply left alone?

Since the idea first came to light of removing distracting roadside memorials after 30 days there have been further calls from concerned drivers groups to eliminate other objects that might force them to take their eye off the road.

At the top of the list, suggested by NSMA, the National Shit Motorists Association, came; traffic lights, signs, lamposts, trees, children, houses, the sky, clouds, kerbs, road markings, other road users, graveyards, junctions, bridges, petrol stations, animals and the weather.
Stacey Bleach, a a 32 year old nervous driver from Goole, who was polled to help compile the list, explained her reasons to include graveyards, saying, "it's the thought of dead people next to the road, its well scary. Last week I nearly crashed into a bus with the kids in the car because I was thinking about zombies and that."

Cecil Valentine, chief spokesperson for the NSMA, said, "In perfect conditions, of course, all road users would drive down a system of tunnels containing no distractions whatsoever. As this is not always possible, yet, we are lobbying the government to remove everything from the roadside that the motorist can see. If this is not easy, in such places as London or the New Forest, we are urging local authorities to erect a system of 10ft high fences down all roads to help concentration and therefore reduce accidents."

A rethink of legislation concerning roadside distractions came to a head a week ago after a 48 year old woman was knocked down and killed as she attended the memorial of her mother by the A38. The motorist who crashed into her said later, "The way she was lighting a candle made me think she was the turning for the M6. I couldn't help it."

Mr Valentine laughed, "This latest crash brilliantly proves my point. The accident would not have happened if the memorial had been removed earlier. Pure and simple."