The dark side of 'feminism' and 'misogyny'
Clinton: 40,000 women and children. Trump: 0
Feminists Stand By Defeated Clinton Despite Thousands Of Female Deaths Worldwide

Global feminists are vowing to stand firm by Hillary Clinton despite her surprise US election defeat and her liquidation of thousands of women worldwide. Over the past eight years, with senator Clinton as Secretary of State from 2009 - 2013, the US has presided over several international genocides and is currently involved in seven wars with, and including; Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Somalia. UN peace monitors estimate that the total civilian fatalities amassed under the Obama administration, not including men, number over 40,000 - women and children.

In the same time Donald Trump has killed no women or children whatsoever but, never to be put of by statistics or utterly ridiculous contradictions, feminists everywhere were quick to pledge their unmitigating irrational fear of the president elect, like other US targets, and their ongoing and illogical support for Mrs Clinton even though she would have bombed them too had they prevented her from achieving her political goals. Members of the NYPD and the FBI expect that she will greatly appreciate this support over the upcoming months when the failed Democratic presidential candidate is investigated for, amongst other serious felonies, child sex allegations recently released by Wikileaks in the current Anthony Weiner email scandal.

Sally Joe Ann Mary Jane Jones (34), influential author of radical ultra neo-feminist book 'When I Said That - What I Really Meant Was This', which attempts to categorize the myriad inherent problems concerning postmodern manhood, gasped, "This arrogant misogynistic monster [Trump] posses a terrifying threat to the very basis of western civilization. Which nowadays naturally means women like me. Hillary is yet another harmless, well-dressed, postmenopausal woman who's been publicly cheated by her husband and somehow kept it together through it all, even childbirth who relentlessly uses slogans like feminism, liberalism, multiculturalism, terrorism and would pass a law allowing a man to marry his own furniture if she thought it would make her more popular. How can she be wrong - no matter how many far away people she kills? Let's face it, they were probably sexist anyway or would have grown up to be if Killary had given them half a chance."

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