Gestapo wank mag & filled in colouring book
Gestapo Wank Mag And Filled In Colouring Book 'The Sun' Orchestrates Russell Brand Hit Job

Gestapo wank mag and filled in colouring book the Sun has orchestrated a hit job on political activist and comedian Russell Brand. The smear campaign initiated today is thought to be undeniable proof that the UK's bent establishment is fearful that Brand is gaining too much support from working class people.

The country's faovurite fish and chip wrapper and emergency toilet roll, famous for its own hilarious one liners such as; 'Kill an Argie: Win a Metro' 'Cameron knows what he's doing' and 'Thatcher's just a good old gal' has chosen to attack Brand's comedy routine in an obvious effort to undermine his political philosophies. But despite printing the results of phony people's poll many UK citizens are not convinced.

Derrick Digby, a drainpipe delivery driver from Daventry, said, 'I wasn't convinced about Brand at first but as soon as I saw that the old current bun having a go at him I knew what he was saying must be true. Let's face it if the Sun criticises something it must be right. Funny old world init. When they started slagging off president Assad in Syria I thought 'Oh, he must be a good bloke then' and sent him a fiver in the post.'

Laura Lemmings, a 24 year old unemployed woman from Leicester, whispered, 'Don't say that I'm unemployed. Anyway what was I saying? Oh yeah, isn't the Sun owned by that child eating Australian vampire called Murditch or something who's girlfriend got shagged by Tony Blair? I only buy it to put down in the bottom of my rabbit's hutch because in absorbs the piss but as soon as I saw then having a go at sexy Russell I googled him and watched all his podcasts. Now I'm going down to London at the weekend to demonstrate and help him overthrown the fascist dictatorship that threatens us all. But don't put that bit in. If the dole find out they'll stop my money.'

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