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Lord Freud's golden carriage awaiting wheelchairs
Tory MP Lord Freud Demands 'Human Husky' Wheelchair Team To Tow Personal Carriage

Tory MP Lord Freud, who recently suggested disabled people could work for £2 an hour, has demanded the government provide him a wheelchair-bound human husky team to tow his carriage between his enormous mansions. The work-shy ex-banker claimed, 'It will give the disabled a chance to give something back to society whilst paying for their wheelchairs which they can now buy off NHS Ltd on higher purchase.'

David Cameron gave his blessing to the plans and announced they will be extended to all Tory MP's. The PM is reportedly going to user his ranch in Chipping Norton as a coach house where fresh disabled people can be kept to change those that his friends had exhausted on a long ride. The PM laughed,'Tory MP's who don't own their own carriages, which obviously is only a few, can simply use their private cars. Thus saving themselves thousands of pounds a year on petrol. Which I hear is now more expensive than straw. Who would have thought it eh?'

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