After Argentinian Debacle Clarkson Thrown Out Of Germany For Driving Tank Through Berlin Dressed As Hitler

Clarkson practicing Hitler salute
After Jeremy Clarkson's expulsion from Argentina for insulting his hosts with childish pranks concerning the 1981 war the idiotic presenter has once again drawn criticism this time from the Germans when he drove a tank through Berlin dressed as Adolf Hitler. Clarkson was pulled over by traffic police near the Brandenburg Gate whilst shooting a scene for Top Gear driving a MK II Tiger tank and wearing a WWII Nazi helmet, a Hitler moustache and siege heiling at shocked passers by. When asked to defend his actions the overpaid, 58 year old, adolescent and member of the notoriously untrustworthy Chipping Norton crowd claimed, 'It was all a coincidence; the tank, the helmet, the moustache, the siege heiling; all of it; pure coincidence.'

Bob Bigglesby BBC's Director of annoying international communities in order to enhance national viewing figures explained, 'Good old Clarko. What a nutter. This behaviour is bound to increase his popularity in the UK and with 99% of all Top Gear viewers unrepentantly hostile toward any country that England has been to war with in the last two thousand years it's a win win situation. Anyway, this coincidental Hitler gag is nothing. Next month all three of 'em: Clarko, Maysey and the Hamster are going to black up like brown people and drive round the Congo in Land Rovers pretending to be the cast from Roots. I can't wait.'

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