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Farage Steals Right Winger Reckless As MP Transfer Window Closes

Farage signs new right winger as MP transfer window closes.
Nigel Farage Manager of UKIP outfoxed David Cameron yet again stealing talented right winger Mark Reckless from under the PM's nose seconds before the latest MP transfer window closed. Pundits have agreed for some time that Farage needed to strengthen his right wing before next year's elections and it is believed the indecisive Reckless is the perfect man for the job.

Reckless was known to want to join the BNP team but it is thought UKIP's high profile, Farage's record in Europe, two pints of Stella and a steak and chips dinner at Weatherspoons was enough to persuade the political 'sweeper' and opportunist MP for Rochester and Strood to come and play for the other side.

When asked about the political aspects of his decision making process Reckless responded, 'The Tories are a bunch of pussies these days. No one believes they can go all the way anymore. With Nigel's views on immigration UKIP are bound to take the number one spot at the finals, I mean elections, next summer.'

    1. The Independent ‎- 23 hours ago
      NEWS: at 1 hear from Nigel Farage who's on a walkabout in #Rochester with MP Mark Reckless who's defecting to #UKIP pic.twitter.com/ ...

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