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F1 Villain Ecclestone Secures New Thunderbirds Superbaddie Movie Role

F1 villain to star as new Thunderbirds superbaddie.
International sports villain Bernie Eccleston is to star in the new Thunderbirds 4 movie as superbaddie 'Kyrano.' Hollywood studio bosses cleared the F1 fraudster for the role after bribery charges against the microscopic billionaire were dropped when Eccleston also successfully bribed the court.

Original Kyrano crazed puppet villain       
Speaking from inside his secret island base Ecclestone cackled, 'We are very happy with both the outcome of the court case and the decision of the Thunderbirds 4 producers for letting me have the role. Its a good job they did for their own safety. If you know what I mean. Heh, heh.'

There were concerned voices in Hollywood when studios announced the deal as it was worried that the F1 supremo would not be able to play the role. But studio bosses confident that due of his minuscule size 11', psychotic temperament, plasticine hair and eyebrows, his jerky body movements and his insane plans to take over the planet Bernie Elecstone will have no problem whatsoever convincing moviegoers that he is the power mad, crazed, evil international puppet hell bent on world domination.

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