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C.U.N.T Initiative To Remove Governmental Acronyms Gains Momentum

C.U.N.T's headquarters
An official think tank has announced a new body to remove torturous acronyms from governmental parlance will be known as 'Communication Under New Terms.'

C.U.N.T's head of public relations Peter Gush said, 'We are confident the organisation has the right members in all the right places to get the job done. The public will soon see a marked reduction in the use of inappropriate acronyms.'

Complaints about the plans were made by a spokesman from the Council of Common Knowledge (C.O.C.K) who claimed acronyms played an important role in the popularisation of Government speak. Richard Tool, C.O.C.K headman, said, 'Why change a system that has been established for so long? It doesn't make any sense. Mr Gush's team are going too far.'

An official press release from C.U.N.T explained, 'The acronym rich social environment or A.R.S.E has long been vastly over populated.' Mr Gush from C.U.N.T added 'Mr Tool from C.O.C.K is simply talking out of his jurisdiction.'