Osborne album; made entirely from the music inside his head
Osborne To Release Album Of Music He Hears In Head

Music industry moguls have announced that George Osborne is on the verge of launching his own solo pop career and his first release is going to be an album made entirely from the music that he hears in his head called 'Totally Out of My Own Head.' Osborne, as his solo act will be known, will release the album as soon as it can be correctly mixed by a team of top record producers. There have been reports of  'hold ups' after several sound engineers went mad while recording the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer's mind with a new 'brain microphone' which literally records people's thoughts and turns them into music.

Osborne's manager, ace record producer Simon McClucklin Jones laughed, "I soon as I saw his bongo-eyed face on TV I knew that I had to know what was going on inside his head. Bingo. Osborne was born. The album is a downbeat, grime, mashup  remix of the Tory MP for Tatton senseless mind rapping over an old cracked record banging on made from DJ Cameron's voice turned into a beatbox with the chancellor's voice going in and out of the speakers like a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo.Boom! With his profile it'll be number one all the way through the summer and anyone who hears it twice will go mad. Perfect. The UK public will love it."

Other tracks from the album include Osborne's cover of 'Money Money Money' by Swedish band Abba and 'All Along The Big Ben Tower' a brave restyling to Bob Dylan's classic 'All along the Watchtower.' Osborne, formerly known as George Osborne, was still hard at work in the studio remixing his groundbreaking album and unavailable for comment but industry insiders are claiming to be 'satisfied' with the project 'so far.' Rumours of a split between band members were quelled after it emerged that the chancellor had been in a band with himself before but had broken up for artistic reasons and arguments over girlfriends and drugs and then drugs again. However management officials close to Osborne said there was no chance of these 'cracks reappearing' and that mood inside the band was 'high.'

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