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Madonna; 'Look at my breats! Look at my God damn breats!
Madonna Sticks One, And Then Another One, In The Eye Of Global Misogyny By Flopping Out Her Norks

Pro Israeli mother of four, child catcher and 'entertainer' Madonna stuck one, and then another one, in the eye of global misogyny yesterday by flopping out her photoshopped norks for the world media. Her 14 year old son Rocco is rumoured to be 'very proud' of his mother's unquenchable thirst for trashy naked exhibitionism and is not thought to be having the piss taken out of him behind his back at school for the next two thousand years whatsoever.

Madonna, who appeared at the 2013 super bowl imitating Bampomet, the God of evil - commonly known as Lucifer, is said to be considering doing a gash shot at Christmas sending out a pro feminism message to all her female fans across the world. When the 56 year old business woman and author of some of the most throwaway pop bilge in human history was asked if she did not think the photographs a little cheap see screamed, 'Anyone who questions my constant media whoring will be silenced with exactly the same kind of perverted political correctness that is used to condemn critics of Israel's murderous apartheid regime and either accused of being a misogynist or antisemitic. Resistance is useless! Look at my breasts! Look at my God damn breasts!'

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