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Fed Reserve US Central Bank; Satan's House?
Blank Faces When Bankers Asked To Which God They Will Give Oath

After a think tank suggested bankers should give an oath to God in order to bring trust back to the business, there was an uneasy silence today when a group of central bankers meeting at a global finance symposium were asked to which God they were going to give the oath. On hearing the question the bankers unnecessarily shuffled bits of paper and squirmed in their seats before blabbing about interest rates and fiscal policy for a few minutes then mincing off.

It has long been suspected that bankers worship the Devil and the industry has struggled for centuries to throw off it's Satanic image. Worst atrocities caused over the last century include; the funding of the Nazis by the Union Banking Corporation 1923-1942: CEO Prescott Bush, grandfather of George Bush, the purposeful crashing of the stock market in 1929; killing millions and plunging the world into despair and the setting up of the Federal Reserve US central bank in 1913; with its unregulated production of worthless paper 'notes' systematically devaluing the dollar (world reserve currency) and so ensuring the slavery of every man woman and child on the planet culminating with the current fake debt crisis euphemistically known as the 'credit crunch.'

It is thought unlikely that the banking industry can throw off its Luciferian culture of fake debt and international despotism. This view was shared by a cleaner who witnessed the meeting who pointed out, 'Once a Luciferian always a Luciferian. There's no way that lot of nonces will ever change. After all, who's eye do you think is on the back of the dollar bill; Archbishop Desmond Tutu?'

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