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TOWIE sex object McCann distraught earlier
Fern McCann Distraught After Topless Selfie She Posted Is Reposted 

TOWIE dunce sex object Fern McCann is said to be distraught after a topless selfie that she posted on the internet was reposted on the internet. The remedial celebrity sobbed, 'I can't believe that someone reposted the picture of me with my tits out what I posted. It was meant to be private between me and two hundred of my mates. How can this be happening to me?'

McCann's agent Charlie Shitstaine spoke for his client, 'What has the world come to when a beautiful young women can't post naked soft porn photos of herself getting her breasts out on the internet without some unscrupulous villain reposting it? This is a tragic and sad day for the entire human race. My only hope is that civilisation in general can recover from this dreadful moment in world history.'

When asked if the leak was good publicity for the new series of TOWIE, Shitstaine replied, 'At this moment my thoughts are with my client who is, of course, devastated by the awful news of the reposting. But I'm sure it will not put her off recording the new show which coincidentally comes out this Autumn when viewers will be able to almost see the genitalia of the stars they have been looking at on the internet for the past two months.'

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