Packham 'Weal shame Huw had to wesign'
Last BBC Presenter Capable Of Pronouncing 'R' Resigns

The BBC has announced that Hue Edwards, the last presenter who could properly pronounce the letter 'R', has resigned and will be leaving the News at Ten in November. Sir Robert Retchington Rabbleforth, heading BBC's regional standards steering committee, released a press statement today, confirming, 'With gweat regwet the BBC will not be wenewing Hue's contwact fow weading the weekly news Monday till Fwiday nights. His wobust but wespectful weporting will be sowely missed by evewyone hewe at the Beeb but unfowtunately we felt that, whilst weassuwingly wefined, Hue's pawticulaw wegional Welsh accent wasn't weally quite wight fow ouw pwesent bwoadcasting stwatewgy and, fow sevewal othew vewy complex weasons, pwobably won't be fow the foweseeable futuwe.'

A dazzling A-list of Beeb stars were quick to join praise for their departing colleague with Chris Packham, BBC's madcap peroxide blonde, nature presenter leading the charge, 'Siw Wobewt is wight. Hue will be weally, weally missed by evewyone. I wemembew wevelling in Mw Edwawds' wugged wepowting when I was vewy, vewy young. In weality; only knee-high to a gwasshopper. So it's a weal shame Huw had to wesign.'

Naga Munchetty, BBC's glamorous, multi-cultural news anchor from early-morning show 'Breakfast,' emotionally tweeted, 'Wetweeting this fow Chwis and Siw Wobewt and the whole Bweakfast Cwew #Huw Edwawds will be weally, weally missed by evewyone# :( {unhappy face}'

Jonathan Ross, long-term Old Auntie employee and all-round hilarious funny man, told reporters, 'I would simply like to say on behalf of myself and, indeed, all the team at the Beeb, with whom I have enjoyed my own happy time toiling away making the TV you love so much, I wholeheawtedly and sincewely agwee with Naga, Chwis, those cwazy eawly-mowning wepwobates fwom the Bweakast Cwew, Siw Wobewt Wetchington Wabblefowth himself along with evewyone esle in his wegional standawds steewing committee and, pewhaps mowe impowtantly, all the other wegional weporters evewywhere thwoughout the netwowk and acwoss the entiwe wowld, Huw Edwawds will be weally, weally sowely missed by evewyone.'

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