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Hate infiltrators cause KKK meltdown 
Mass SPLC Infiltration Forces KKK Meltdown

White supremacist organisation the Klu Klux Klan has been officially forced to close down after it emerged that its entire dwindling 16,213 membership were, in fact, all infiltrators from either the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), the CIA, the NSA, the ATF, the FBI, and a raft of other US federal law enforcement agencies hellbent on seeking out hatred. The meltdown occurred last week at the Klan's AGM when the secretive leader was addressing his fellow clansmen and a freak breeze blew off his pointy hat revealing him to be, in actuality, SPLC Director Morris Dees. The surprise defrocking caused a well-natured chain reaction in which the congregation steadily unmasked as they realised what had happened amidst shouts of, 'OMG!' 'WTF!' and 'Would you believe it?'

Mr Dees has since commented on the revelations stating, 'That was an eye-opener for sure. Or in this case maybe a slit widener. As everyone knows, seeking out hatred and possessing the ability to see hatred everywhere, whether it exists or not, is the only necessary attribute for a modern social justice warrior. Let's face it, the SPLC could not exist in what I call a hatred vacuum and our politicians and backers need a perceived functioning polarized dialectic to introduce new illogical legislation and further schism society. To put it bluntly, I wouldn't have a job chasing hatred unless I could prove that half the country was full of it, hatred that is, which required my immediately identification and destruction. Unfortunately, on this occasion all the hate we could see was ourselves pretending to hate ourselves; like a 'hate chamber.' - if you see what I mean? Still, it was nice to see old friends and colleagues who I haven't bumped into for ages. That's why we are planning to meet up again; same place, same time, next year. Hats off to the KKK for bringing us all together.'

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