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Tony Blackburn Slammed By BBC Bosses After Releasing Jingle Declaring; 'Tony Blackburn! The Only Original BBC DJ That Hasn't Been Done For Child Abuse!'

Ageing Disk Jockey; Too Edgy.
Tony Blackburn was slammed today by BBC bosses after releasing a jingle declaring, 'Tony Blackburn. The only original BBC DJ that hasn't been done for child abuse!' The ageing disc jockey was unavailable for comment but his manager defended the jingle claiming, 'We wanted something edgy in keeping with Tony's  off the wall sound and at least it is technically correct. He is the only original BBC DJ that hasn't been done for child abuse.'

After the prosecutions of so many of the original BBC DJ's it is easy to understand the rational behind the jingle as it is the only statistic that makes Blackburn's career stand out in anyway but it is thought the risky strategy was thought to be just on the wrong side of the good taste boundary by high ups at Old Auntie.

BBC Radio 1 - Top 40 Show - Tony Blackburn clip - 1981

Radio legend Tony Blackburn took over the Top 40 show from Simon Bates and brought a fresh new sound with two new themes; 
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